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COMADEM International

COMADEM Internationals' mission is to:

“Totally commit ourselves to provide the best possible care and services in the inter-discipline of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management to all our valued customers, who seek our advice and expertise in order to continuously improve performance and to add value to their assets.”

COMADEM International has been successfully organising annual congresses and exhibitions in the UK and worldwide for 32 years. COMADEM International has co-edited over 30 international COMADEM congress proceedings which have been published by major publishing organisations.

Prof. Rao, the founder and the Director of COMADEM International, is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the International Journal of COMADEM. He has been invited as a Keynote Speaker to a number of International Conferences. He was recently invited to deliver the First Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao Endowment Lecture organized by the Condition Monitoring Society of India and GITAM University based in Vishakapatnam.



Organising committee

Conference Chairs:

Prof. Andrew D. Ball

The University of Huddersfield, UK

Prof. Len M. Gelman

The University of Huddersfield, UK

Prof Raj B.K.N. Rao

COMADEM International,

Local organising committee:

  • Prof. A. D. Ball (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. F.Balouchi
  • Dr C. Fu (Academic Assistant)
  • Prof. L. M. Gelman (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. F. Gu
  • Mrs. K. Jakeman
  • Prof. P. Lane
  • Dr. P. Lazaridis
  • Dr. H. Lee
  • Ms. R. Marsden
  • Dr. S. Parkinson
  • Dr. A. Smith
  • Ms T. Xiaoli (Academic Assistant)
  • Prof. V. Vishnyakov
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Dong Zhen (Academic Assistant)

International Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Prof. A. Ball
  • Prof. L. Gelman
  • Prof. R.B.K. N. Rao
  • Prof. A. Bayoumi, USA
  • Prof. F. Chu, China
  • Prof. F. Gu, UK
  • Mr. C. M. Ridgway, UK
  • Prof. G. Shen, China
  • Dr. W. Wang, Australia
  • Dr. A. Abdelkader, Egypt
  • Dr. H. Albarbar, UK
  • Dr. L. Alboul, UK
  • Prof. A. Alireza, UK
  • Prof. P. Allen, UK
  • Prof. J. Allport, UK
  • Prof. S. Ao, China
  • Dr. D. Baglee, UK
  • Dr. F. Balouchi, UK
  • Prof. S. Barrans, UK
  • Prof. T. Barszcz, Poland
  • Dr. A. Bevan, UK
  • Dr. R. Brown, UK
  • Dr. D. Cabrera, Ecuador
  • Prof. Y. Cao, China
  • Dr. P. Charles, Germany
  • Prof. X. Chen, China
  • Prof. L. Cheng, China
  • Prof. G. Dalpiaz, Italy
  • Prof. A. Darpe, India
  • Prof. M. Deja, Poland
  • Dr. J. Dix, Denmark
  • Prof. S. Donnelly, UK
  • Dr. A. Elliott, UK
  • Dr. G. Enevoldsen, Denmark
  • Dr. E. Fan, UK
  • Prof. T-H. Gan, UK
  • Prof. C. V. Gulijk, UK
  • Prof. Q. He, China
  • Dr. V. Holmes, UK
  • Prof. K. Horoshenkov, UK
  • Prof. N. Hu, China
  • Prof. S. Heyns, SA
  • Prof. S. Iwnicki, UK
  • Prof. A. Jaworski, UK
  • Prof. J. Jeong, Korea
  • Dr. J. Jiang, UK
  • Prof. V. Krylov, UK
  • Prof. U. Kumar, Sweden
  • Prof. P. Lane, UK
  • Dr. P. Lazaridis, UK
  • Dr. H. Lee, UK
  • Prof. F. Li, China
  • Dr. Y. Li, UK
  • Prof X. Li, China
  • Prof. B. Liang, UK
  • Prof. M. Lipsett, Canada
  • Prof. L. Lobanov, Ukraine
  • Prof. B. Lunne, UK
  • Prof. D. Mba, UK
  • Prof. L. McCluskey, UK
  • Prof. D. Mikielewicz, Poland
  • Dr. M. Mishra, Sweden
  • Prof. A. Moorhouse, UK
  • Prof. A. Nandi, UK
  • Prof. J. Nieznanski, Poland
  • Dr. A. Onsy, UK
  • Dr. M. Palasz, Poland
  • Dr. S. Parkinson, UK
  • Prof. M. Pecht, USA
  • Prof. Z.K. Peng, China
  • Prof. R. Randall, Australia
  • Prof. D. Remond, France
  • Prof. R. Saatchi, UK
  • Dr. A. Saxena, USA
  • Dr. D. Shabalin, Denmark
  • Prof. Y. Shao, China
  • Prof. I. Sherrington, UK
  • Dr. J. Z. Shi, China
  • Dr. A. Smith, UK
  • Prof. D. Stegelmeyer, Germany
  • Dr. C. Svendsen, Denmark
  • Dr. R. Thomas, UK
  • Prof. L. Towns-Andrews, UK
  • Prof. P. Van Vuuren, SA
  • Prof. V. Vishnyakov, UK
  • Prof. N. Vyas, India
  • Prof. H. Wang, China
  • Prof. P. White, UK
  • Dr. M. Xiangdong, UK
  • Prof. L. Xuejun, China
  • Prof. D. Yu, UK
  • Dr. J. Zhang, UK
  • Dr. D. Zhen, China
  • Prof. M. Zuo, Canada



Main conference programme

The full conference programme, list of guest speakers and papers for the conference is now available. Please click the filename COMADEM_2019_Programme_Final.pdf to view it. (PDF 276Kb).

In the meantime, please take a look at some of the structured sessions that we will have on offer.

Structured sessions

  • Condition monitoring of wind turbines Prof. F. Chu, China
  • Deep learning and prognostics Dr. W. Wang, Australia
  • Non-invasive methods in health monitoring Dr. L. Alboul, UK, Prof. R. Saatchi, UK
  • Maintenance as a service: aspects of the digital transformation in manufacturing, Prof. D. Stegelmeyer, Germany
  • Non-Stationary signal processing Prof. Z. Peng, China
  • Structural health monitoring of composite structures Prof. F. Li , China
  • Acoustical condition monitoring Dr. J. Jiang, UK
  • Gearbox condition monitoring Prof. Y. Shao, China
  • Gearbox diagnosis and prognosis Prof. A. Darpe, India
  • Fault diagnosis of transmission systems Prof. Li Xuejun and Prof. L. Jiang, China
  • Condition prognostics Prof. N. Hu, China
  • Condition monitoring of hydrogen fuel cells Dr. A. Albarbar, UK
  • Digital transformation for condition monitoring Prof. A. Bayoumi, USA, Prof. A. Abdel Kader, Egypt
  • Immersive technologies for maintenance, (VR/ AR) Dr. D. Baglee, UK
  • Smart maintenance of railway assets Dr. A. Bevan, UK

Important Dates

  • 2018

    October 15, 2018
    Call for papers

  • 2019

    March 22, 2019
    Deadline for submission of abstracts

  • March 29 2019 (extended to 15th April)
    Notification of acceptance of abstracts

  • June 3, 2019
    Deadline for full paper submission

  • June 24, 2019
    Notification of acceptance of full papers

  • June 28, 2019
    Delegate early bird fee deadline

  • September 3-5, 2019
    COMADEM 2019 Conference



Our Sponsors and Exhibitors

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Interested in becoming a Sponsor or Exhibitor?

We are offering four packages to Sponsors and Exhibitors at this year's congress:
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Exhibitor.

A comparison of the packages can be seen in the table below.

  Company logo in all conference areas Company keynote presentation to the conference Company logo and link on the COMADEM2019 website Exhibition space (up to a maximum of 15m2) Company logo on the front of the Proceedings of COMADEM2019 Company profile in the Proceedings of COMADEM2019 Refreshments, lunches and attendance at social events Delegate places at the Congress guest/exhibitor places Cost (£)
Platinum 3m x 5m246000
Goldxx3m x 3m223000
Silverxxx3m x 2mx111500
Exhibitorxxx3m x 2mxxxxx900

There also exists opportunity to sponsor specific activities at the Congress, such as the Gala Dinner and the Congress USB pen drives

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to explore these ideas further